rohan chhabra: hunter jacket

'hunter jacket'

'hunter jacket' by indian born, london based industrial design graduate rohan chhabra 
is an outer apparel design that transforms into a wall mount of a ram's head. in doing this, 
the jacket signifies a 'trophy' and makes reference to the reward system associated with 
hunting. the transformation narrates the use/function of the jacket.

'hunter jacket' is part of chhabra's embodying ethics series which attempts to take a critical 
positioning to produce socially responsive design. the objects question the narrative of production, 
its material, origin, manufacturing but also challenges the narrative of consumption, creating 
new interaction and social experiences. the focus of this project is to examine design's ability 
to ask carefully crafted questions rather than just providing solutions.


'embodying ethics' works on a methodology called the ethical design system, which is used as
a tool for innovation to create 'new objects'. these new objects are justified for their existence as 
they replace values of consumption and destruction with reflection and appreciation. 

ram head wall mount

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