the vader project

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the vader project


'praise the lord' by plasticgod
image via geeky gadgets

curated and produced by dov kelemer and sarah jo marks of DKE Toys, the vader project 
features 100 underground artists and designers who each  customized a 1:1 scale authentic 
prop replica of the actual darth vader helmet featured in the star wars™films. the participants 
involved with the project include: shagpeter kuperjermaine rogersgary basemanbxh
tim biskupthe pizzdalekpaul frankron englishjeff sotomichelle valigurafrank kozik
plasticgodtokidokibill mcmullen, secret base, joe ledbetteralex pardee
suckadeliccameron tiedemister cartoonmarc ecko, and amanda visell.

'untitled' by wade lageose

'son of the suns' by suckadelic


'join the happy side' by yoko d'holbachie 

'the revenge of mr. hahn' by joe hahn


'hanus' by jim koch

'untitled' by dalek

'unavader' by ferg

'sunich' by paul frank
via fructose magazine

'the vader project' catalog

DKE toys in conjunction with freeman’s produced a 200-plus page, full-color, limited 
edition catalog that features all 100 helmets, artist bios and some history on the project.
it is available now at the vader project website.

via high fructose magazine 

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