lockwasher: robot sculptures


american artist lockwasher creates robot sculptures using found objects. while his initial 
interest started with building ray guns, he soon began making these robotic characters 
after accumulating an overwhelming amount of 'garbage' in his garage.

detail of legs made from vintage shoe stretcher

'BR2D2' uses a 4.7 liter keg and measures in over at 16 inches tall.

detail of flashlight 'eye'




derived from disney's 'meet the robinsons' movie, 'doris' is made from an all 
aluminum horn mute 'hat',  a series of bicycle reflector arms,  cantilever bike brakes 
and a microscope lens.

'doris' detail

'rocking racquet rover'
12' x 17' x 8' 

the main components of the 'rock racquet rover' are: steel thermos, wooden tennis racquet, 
measuring cup and spoon, flashlight housing, vegetable steamer parts and an all aluminum 
garlic press.

'rocking racquet rover' side view

'robo pup'

complete with a secret stash compartment, 'robo pup' is designed with wooden shoes, 
a pivoting electric fan motor head, ears composed of an aluminum dental impression tray 
and a tail made from the finial of an old lamp.

'robo pup'

'mobile phone man'

'lancer robot'

the main body of the 'lancer' robot uses an ANSCO lancer camera made in west germany 
in the 1950s, which offers twelve exposures in 127 film.

left: mix master robot
right: stilko robot

'lunch box rod'

'stereo dog' sketch

'mobile phone' man sketch

'lunch box rod' sketch

'robo dog' sketch

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