hussein chalayan x puma: a/w 2011 and s/s 2012

world-renowned fashion designer and puma creative director, hussein chalayan presents his latest
two collections for the sports brand. this year's autumn / winter collection is inspired by camera mechanics
while next year's spring / summer collection was highly influenced by sailing and kite flying.

urban swift in blue : 'urban swift' version of the classic 'clyde' running shoe

following text provided by PUMA

puma by hussein chalayan autumn / winter 2011 collection 'urban mobility'
a moment of focus. this season, puma by hussein chalayan takes inspiration from camera mechanics.
the collection does a double take and is doubly exposed, simultaneously reflecting upon memory and
what is captured within a shutter speed second. travel is ever at the collection’s core, but it is refocused
with photographic geometry, light, and overlays. the apparel silhouettes are transformed with masculine
linear angles, feminine necklines, and twisted drapes. hybrid shoes fuse old and new to create something
fresh with a sense of familiarity. it’s a collection reconfigured for a life lived with deliberate speed yet stops
just long enough to take in those moments that best define life itself.

for more information on this collection visit :

several pieces of the autumn winter 2011 collection are grouped under the banner 'urban swift'...

'innovative and conceptual, the urban swift is a style inspired directly from hussein chalayan’s spring summer 2009
mainline collection ‘inertia’. within the inertia collection, hussein chalayan used molded latex garments to encapsulate
movement and speed and make a statement about the inevitable 'speed of our lives'. '

'here within urban mobility, we take the silhouette of the iconic puma clyde and have treated the quarter and back panels
with injected molded TPU to achieve the same visually compelling aesthetic. finished in a full grain leather vamp
and fully leather lined interior, the urban swift adds a unique and sophisticated fashion perspective.'

urban inertia in black

urban inertia white

hussein chalayan, spring/summer 2009 collection, inertia.

WN UM overlay dress, bellow elevation shoes

left: MN UM panel line tee, MN UM track pants, urban swift shoes
right: MN UM print windbreaker, MN UM track pants, urban glide shoes

left: MN UM traveller jacket, MN UM track pants, urban swift shoes
right: WN UM shutter knit, WN UM texture leggings, WN UM LS texture tee, urban motus fold WN’s shoes

MN UM padded knit sweater, MN UM panel pants, gravity mid shoes

left: MN UM shutter track jacket, MN UM panel pants, gravity low shoes
right: WN UM track jacket, WN UM panel pants, UM weekender bag

puma by hussein chalayan spring / summer 2012 collection
secured speed. this season, puma by hussein chalayan explores the velocity of wind and flight.
inspiration is taken from sport, kites, and sailing, and how their industrial details and dynamics
can transform traditional tailoring. the apparel fuses classic shapes with the modernity of technical
sport detailing: mesh panels, lightweight nylon, and tyvek. the footwear design is distinct, clean,
and methodical, capturing the interplay of sport, motion, and speed through lightweight materials
and simple yet supportive constructions. the final touch is the use of kabuki color, inspired by the
theatrics and movement of japanese dance. mandarin reds, grey violets, and rusts take the collection
to a distinct height, designed for summer months and reflecting on the rapidity of everyday life.
(pieces from this line will be available in 2012.)

left: all over sail print cape, tailored shorts, hybrid sandals
right: all over sail print cape, tab shorts, imora FW shoes

all over sail print tab drape dress, hakkoda shoes, ergo bag

speed of light running shoes

ghost jacket, tailored shorts, speed of light running shoes

kimono tee, motorcross pants, hybrid sandals

right: reversible track jacket, tailored shorts, urban glide mid shoes

reversible jacket

left: mesh panel hoody top, tab shorts, hakkoda shoes
right: field jacket, tab shorts, hakkoda shoes

all images provided courtesy of puma

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