25togo: dinosoap

DESIGN 2011.08.23 03:29
25togo: dinosoap

the 'dinosoap' soaps by 25togo offer the experience of fossil excavation as a result of normal use

'dinosoap', designed by taiwan-based studio 25togo, incorporates the experience of fossil excavation into daily washing,
as soap bars whose outer layers dissolve with use to reveal the image of a dinosaur skeleton beneath.
composed of apricot kernels and other natural ingredients, the soaps reveal their miniature fossils after two to three months
of normal use.

prior to any use, the soap appears to be a rock

view of one of the 'dinosoap' fossils before and midway through use

another model

the three 'dinosoap' fossils

apricot kernels provide exfoliant properties as well as a sand-like appearance

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