WOW: bloom skin for issey miyake

'bloom skin' by WOW for issey miyake
all images courtesy WOW

japanese visual design WOW has created 'bloom skin', a window installation for issey miyake's
2012 spring/summer collection of ELTTOB TEP. minimalist in concept and execution, the kinetic piece
consists of eight computer-controlled fans that rhythmically  manipulate a single piece of hovering fabric.

linearly situated to run parallel to the front windows, the installation seeks to be an eye-catching 'sculpture'
that effectively communicates the identity of the new collection. the translucent stretch of textile is 'organdy',
an ultra light fabric that is used throughout the pieces. simple and effortless, 'bloom skin' offers a dramatic
and ever-changing backdrop to the shop.

overall view


computer-controlled fans

view from window

store front

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