Niels Peeraer Antwerp Academy Master Student Graduation Collection

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Frederik Hornof's presentation

Frederik was lucky to be able to use this amazing space for his presentation. The entrance hall to the Royal museum of Art in Antwerp, lucky not only because of it's awesomeness of space, but because it has closed down for renovations, and apparently won't be open again for some time _ANT3053FrederikSonnyphotos Diane snaps some shots, she is on the jury this year _ANT3054FrederikSonnyphotos
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fumiko ito: home, my place

door handle no.1

'home, my place' is a series of door handles designed by fumiko ito, which aim to enhance the intimate connection between people
and home through simple objects and intuitive actions.

designer's own words:
I believe that happiness, relief, and emotional attachment are the pith and marrow of luxury, and the home, the port of our heart.
having a place that we truly belong to is the most luxurious feeling in life. through my designs, I would like to enhance the relationship
between human and home. the door handle, as an in-between object, spatially connects the inside and the outside. it is the medium that
reveals and increases the notion of space shifting. through inviting and playful shapes, 'home, my place' not only practically connects
human and home, but also transfers the action into emotionally-attaching memories, which eternally bind one and his/her family tightly.
an organic shape of handles that fits human grips makes door opening warm and comfortable. for adults, it is easy to grab,
and for children and elders, pushing or pulling are similarly effortless.

key, an extension of home

door handle no.2

enhancing the interaction between human and object

bring a part of your home away with you

research drawing

shape research

designboom has received this project from our 'DIY submissions' feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication.

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wacom inkling digital pen

wacom 'inkling' converts freehand drawings to digital files, including multiple layers

known for a range of tools that digitize freehand drawings, wacom has designed the 'inkling',
a wireless pen and receiver set that tracks one's penstrokes, enabling the immediate upload
and editing of drawings on a computer.

users can store up to 50 independent projects at one time on the device. penstrokes are recorded
as long as there is a line of sight between the 'inkling' pen and receiver, a button on the latter of which
enables the creation of new layers in a design that are then accessible for editing in photoshop, illustrator,
and autodesk sketchbook pro.

during use the receiver can clip to the edge of paper or sketchbooks. images are uploaded via USB to computers,
where users can edit, add, or delete layers and convert to a range of file formats using wacom's sketch manager software.

the device records pressure to 1024 levels of sensitivity. while the nibs are interchangeable,
they are at present planned to be exclusively standard ballpoints.

available in mid-september, the wacom 'inkling' retails for 199 USD.

detail on case, which fits the receiver (not shown) and pen (end with green LED shown, inserted)

the device in use

promotional video for 'inkling'

video tutorial on the use of 'inkling'

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binh danh: chlorophyll printed photographs

'found portrait: man 28'
chlorophyll print and resin
12.5 x 12.5 inches
image © binh danh

organic in method, vietnamese-born photographer and artist binh danh has created
a body of work using leaves as his canvas. referred to as 'chlorophyll printing',
the natural process involves a negative of a photograph being placed over a leaf
which is then exposed to sunlight for a period of days. the green pigments of the plant
will darken accordingly, resulting in a ghostly and monochrome image that are preserved
in a block of resin.

exploring his vietnamese heritage especially as it pertains to war and death,
danh's work evokes a haunting sense of loss and mortality. by recording the images
on the surface of leaves, the historical narrative is emblazoned into the natural world,
resulting in an exceptionally moving collection of work.

'found portrait: woman 25'
chlorophyll print and resin
12 x 19.5 inches
image © binh danh

ambush in the leaf #4'
chlorophyll print and resin
17.5 x 13.5 inches
image © binh danh

'the botany of tuol sleng #12'
chlorophyll print and resin
11 x 10 inches
image © binh danh

'mother and child'
chlorophyll print and resin
7 x 5 inches
image © binh danh

'shock & awe'
chlorophyll print and resin
22.5 x 17 inches
image © binh danh

'found portrait #5'
chlorophyll print and resin
17.5 x 11.5 inches
image © binh danh

'the leaf effect: study for transmission #13'
chloophyll print and resin
10 x 13 inches
image © binh danh

via flavorwire

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