kei kagami: 10 years retrospective of a shoemaker

kei kagami 10 year retrospective
autumn/winter 2002, private collection

all images courtesy steinbeisser and the lloyd hotel

a 10 year retrospective of london-based japanese shoe designer kei kagami curated by steinbeisser is now on display at
the lloyd hotel & cultural embassy in amsterdam. the exhibition is an encompassing a display of kagami and
his design partner yoshi yamakuwa's unique relationship with their varied media and materials. kagami, a classically trained architect,
worked with japan's kenzo tange before refocusing his craft to fashion. his body of work has a highly structured and experimental quality,
influenced by his experience in architecture and also due to his work with radical fashion icon john galliano.
each of the 60 pairs of hand-crafted shoes featured in the installation are conceptual, wearable, art work. the exhibition is
open now until december 2nd.


spring/summer 2011, for sale


autumn/winter 2005, private collection


autumn/winter 2008, for sale

autumn/winter 2004, private collection

autumn/winter 2005, private collection

spring/summer 2011, private collection

spring/summer 2004, private collection

spring/summer 2007, private collection


autumn/winter 2002, private collection

spring/summer 2011, private collection

spring/summer 2005, private collection

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